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Description ...The Anabaptist Vision was a message preached by Harold S. Bender at Columbia University in 1943. It is a radical Christian manifesto calling Christians back to the kingdom message of Jesus Christ. As Bender explains, "The Anabaptists were concerned most of all about a true Christian life, that is, a life patterned after the teaching and example of Christ." This is Bender's original message, read by Dean Taylor, author of the recent book, A Change of Allegiance. As Bender explains, "The Anabaptists retained the original vision of Luther and Zwingli, enlarged it, gave it body and form, and set out to achieve it in actual experience. They proceeded to organize a church composed solely of earnest Christians, and actually found the people for it. They did not believe in any case that the size of the response should determine whether or not the truth of God should be applied, and they refused to compromise. They preferred to make a radical break with 1,500 years of history and culture if necessary rather than to break with the New Testament."



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